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David B. Atkins, MCNE
David B. Atkins, MCNE
  • David was outstanding every step of the way. We found him to be very knowledgeable and thorough. He was always two steps ahead in the process which put our minds at ease when we were looking for the perfect location for our family. As far as real estate agents go he raises the bar.
    • Steve
  • David Atkins went over and beyond to ensure the sale of my house was a success. His marketing skills were excellent. His knowledge of the market was very accurate. I would highly recommend David to anybody that is thinking of selling or buying a house.
    • Nabil
  • David Atkins is an outstanding realtor because he’s a business man. He understands the small and big picture of a home purchase or sale, knows how to market and advertise your property, and does so quickly, effectively, and without need to prod or instruct. He’s 110%, 100% of the time. Highly recommended.
    • John
  • David Atkins made the experience of finding a house pain-free and enjoyable. He consistently went above and beyond our expectations and worked tirelessly on our behalf. I would give him the highest recommendation to anyone I know, without any hesitation at all. Truly outstanding service.
    • Natasha
  • David was the best realtor we could have employed for the sale of our condo. He enabled us to make the most cost-efficient upgrades to our condo that would maximize the sale of our condo. The people who bought our condo remarked that they were so impressed with whoever staged our condo – we owe that all to David, who has an remarkable eye for design and quality. I wouldn’t hire anyone else to sell our property – working with him was a delight!
    • Greg
  • David is a fantastic realtor. He was patient and attentive with me and always professional. I trusted him completely to market my home properly, engage with prospective buyers, negotiate hard to maximize the value of the property and close efficiently. He exceeded all my expectations. David also rolled up his sleeves and helped with the home preparation, staging and repairs to ensure that it was shown at its best. I truly believe that my house sold for a higher price because of David’s work in managing my home sale.
    • Steven
  • David B. Atkins went above all expectations for us. He is extremely competent, quick with all our questions and knowledgeable in all aspects of home selling. We are lucky to have him represent us.
    • Guillaume
  • We used David to buy our first house and to sell our first house. Both times, David used his expertise to guide us through the process and to help get us a great deal. He was clearly the better realtor in both transactions, which gave us comfort and paid dividends in the end. He is also a great house stager with a warehouse of nice furniture, which saves thousands of dollars when selling your house. When we moved out-of-state, we wished we could bring him with us to help buy our next house because he is worth every penny of his fee. We are happy to give David our highest recommendation.
    • Jamin
  • David was amazing. He could not have done a better job. We will always go to David for our needs and we will recommend him with no reservations to all of our friends and family.
    • Ellen
  • David is exceptional in his marketing skills. He also has the knowledge of staging for optimum attractiveness. No one is better at this.
    • Pat
  • David is the best. I would have not been able to do this without his help. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He is truly the best.
    • Taylor
  • David is a very professional realtor. He is very informed and also kept us informed all the way during our transaction with him.
    • Ernest
  • Excellent realtor, goes far beyond what you would expect. I would refer him to anyone who needs a realtor.
    • Sim
  • The most wonderful job I have ever experienced.
    • Jim
  • David was excellent. He is a great advocate for his client.
    • Graciela
  • David Atkins was extremely competent and professional throughout the transaction. He went above and beyond my expectations. He was able to problem solve and provided creative solutions that were very acceptable to both parties. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is buying or selling real estate.
    • Gary
  • We were beyond blessed to have David as our realtor when purchasing our new house. Not only is David savvy with the market, but he brings contractor-like experience and design skills. His attention to detail rivals my husband’s, and the two of them toured the house together carefully looking for issues and possible repairs. On the plus side – we never felt like we were being “sold” a particular home. If you really want a strong advocate through the purchasing process, David is your man.
    • Elizabeth
  • Mr. Atkins goes beyond what is required. He is an excellent Realtor.
    • Carol
  • David was fabulous. Could not ask for better service and communication was great. A real plus to your industry. Would recommend to my friends and family without hesitation. He also was quite aware of the different properties in the area and tailored them to our needs.
    • Jim
  • He went above and beyond the call of duty, could not have had anyone better.
    • Harriet
  • David Atkins is truly a professional and a credit to his profession! As an out of town seller it was difficult to have repairs completed that were required as a result of the home inspection. David met with all repair people and sent pictures of the completed work. Two issues came up the day prior to closing. I was out of town, David jumped into action and completed the 2 additional repairs himself. If we purchase another property in Houston David is the agent we would use. David goes above and beyond to satisfy his customers.
    • Peter
  • David went above and beyond! I believe he is the best because he genuinely wants the best for his clients. This was our first house purchase and we felt completely taken care of every step of the way. His thorough knowledge of the market and industry coupled with his diligence and dedication made the process quick and painless. He catered to every need and will definitely be recommend him to anyone looking for an agent.
    • Korinne
  • David exceeded our expectations and helped make our dream a reality! He sold our house for 102,000 more than we bought it for 11 months earlier, simply incredible!!! He continuously went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of in all aspects, he makes sure every “T” is crossed and every “I” dotted. His professionalism and expertise is exceptional, once again, we couldn’t be happier!
    • Jonathan
  • I have known David for years which is why I phoned him. I had contemplated selling at least two times prior to finally listing the house. He has patiently stayed in touch. Selling a house is stressful. I could tell that David appreciated this and really had a great way of staying calm and creating options. He has a wonderful methodology and strategy around listing the house that resulted in a “big bang” of short lasting and intense market interest. This was very effective and I think differentiates David. I would highly recommend him!
    • Heather
  • David understands the main tenant of marketing … give them more than expected. David is a full service real estate agent. He does all that is expected well, market analysis, knows the neighborhood, understands contracts, etc. What is over and beyond the expected is in 3 areas: marketing, preparation, and negotiations. David is attuned to new technology and uses it to the fullest in marketing your home. His personal databases are vast and therefore he has the ability to spreads information out virally and quickly. He is innovative in creating a marketing campaign. He does not treat each property the same, each property has its own theme. He goes beyond the traditional marketing approach used by most agents. Preparation is David’s biggest strength. He is a believer that the better prepared you are, the better the offers. Prepping the house can be difficult as it often requires an investment. David provides clear recommendations of repairs or cleaning that are needed to sell the house and nothing more. He treats your money as his money. If the expense is high, he will personally help out by doing the work and/or negotiating a better price. Part of preparation is staging the house to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. David not only consults you how to stage your house but will provide furniture and decorative pieces to help stage your house. Many agents will recommend staging and give you a referral. Staging is part of David’s service. David help clean, did yard work, and removed trash from the property. How many agents will provide sweat equity as part of their service? He knows the subtle art of how to negotiate and get the best possible price for your home. We have used different agents in the past to sell and purchase homes. David is the first that we will wholeheartedly refer and recommend because we know he will give each of his client’s service beyond expectation.
    • Henry
  • The complete process was very efficient but the buzz created before the sale was truly incredible. Sensational marketing and service. This realtor gives the industry a new standard.
    • Susie
  • David acted as my buying and selling agent. He was always looking out for my best interest no matter the cost or time on his end. As a single woman buying and selling for the first time, he walked me through the process and made me aware of pitfalls along the way. In my search for a new house in this crazy market, he was concerned for my safety and comfort. I could not have done this without his extensive knowledge of the housing market, the cost of remodeling and upgrades, and strategies for getting the property after I found one that was a perfect fit for me. In selling my home, he had an eye for what would make my house show to its best so I could get the most money for my home. His staging and suggestions for some minor fixes made my home show in a way that brought in multiple offers after only 2 days on the market. During contract negotiations, he was always looking out for the best offer but also the one that would last through the duration of the negotiating. David was always quick to respond to questions and his time line for daily events kept the process on track and moving forward in a timely manner. Selling my home of 22 years and moving out of my neighborhood of 30 years was a traumatic and emotional event. Having David take the reins for the buying and selling process made the experience as positive as it could be. I will gladly recommend him to friends and anyone who is looking for a highly ethical, extremely motivated realtor. Any company that has David Atkins on their staff is very lucky indeed–He brings respect and true caring concern to the real estate industry.
    • Jan
  • David is an exceptional realtor in every sense of the word. The level of personal service is unrivaled. He is extremely professional in appearance and demeanor, knowledgeable about market conditions, and an expert negotiator. If you are selling your home, David will transform your home to maximize its potential. This very expensive service is provided at no cost! What makes David really special is that he cares about his clients and will go out of his way to do what is best for you. A realtor who will fight for you, this is rare indeed. Simply put, David Atkins is the best realtor we have ever worked with!
    • Vince
  • I know this will sound like a “fake” review, but David is really that good. I can’t imagine anyone being better than him. He understands what service is… and he provides amazing service.
    • Ken

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