Home    Heritage Texas Properties celebrates top producers

“SVP Chaille Ralph, who is also the Houston Association of Realtors 2015 Immediate Past Chair, presented the production awards.  Ralph announced Realtor associate Mike Mahlstedt as the Number One Companywide Top Producer.

The Heritage Luxe Property Group, headed by broker associate Brandey Heckeroth and Realtor associate Amanda Walsh, was recognized as the Number One Companywide Top Team.

Additional companywide highest performers were the Ellis Nabors Team; Haley Garcia; Tammy Hendricks Team; Terry Stanfield; Sue Johnson; Mike Gray and Tongela Clark; Pam Hughes; Mary Kay Casey; Lynn Zarr Jr.; Vicky Fleisher; Mary Henderson; the Grayson-Patton Team; Martha White; Kindi Scartaccini; Shannon Lester; Jeffrey Kuchar; Jamie Barrere;Kathy Jones; Enid Cruise-Cleland; Margaret Labbé; Betty Wearing; Christine Duncan; Kathryn Nelson; Philip Thomas, andDavid B. Atkins….”

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