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“The real estate industry has been around for centuries, and there are many tried-and-true methods that work.  And, new technology adds fresh arrows to any Realtor’s quiver.  ‘My clients are all asking for instant responses to their questions about market knowledge and trends. To that end, I have dedicated 25 percent of my time to ensure real-time expertise for the neighborhoods I serve. It is time for the next generation of real estate,’ said David B. Atkins, Realtor, Heritage Texas Properties….

Atkins takes great pride in providing detailed market analysis for his clients when they are interested in writing an offer on a home.  ‘Choosing a home can be an emotional time, drawing people into overpaying.  My job is to help keep my clients level-headed by providing solid data, all of which helps my clients from overpaying for their dream home,’ Atkins said.
Atkins’ love of technology, business skills, personal service and his plan of action for each client have worked, and helped him and his clients be successful.
This success is evident by the numerous awards he has won.  He has been selected to serve the real estate industry via several boards for 2015, such as HAR NextGen Advisory Board.”

Houston Chronicle Custom Publishing Group
Thursday, January 8, 2015

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