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Q: How do you pick an appraiser?

In times past, the lender used to have a “say so” in who they could call to perform appraisals. The new housing laws put in to place a few years ago took away that luxury. Now, approved appraisers are randomly selected and assigned to each loan. Actually, the lender never even gets to speak with the appraiser. The goal was to eliminate any preferential treatment that may or may not have occurred between lender and appraiser.

The appraiser is assigned and the listing agent is notified only a few days prior to the appraisal being performed to schedule a time to be given full access to the property. This is one of the most important times to have an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor representing you. At John Daugherty Realtors, we are trained to maintain a hands-on approach throughout the entire process of selling your home.

When the appraiser meets the Realtor at the property to learn more about the intangibles the home offers, it ultimately helps the appraiser attain a better grasp of the home’s fair market value. My motto is, “Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.” The more information I can provide to the appraiser, the more likely that my client’s goals will be met. After all, selling your home isn’t just about receiving an offer. My goal, for every client, is to do whatever I can to help ensure you go from contract to closing.

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